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Graylog Installation Tutorial

Following the ELK tutorial, I wanted to try out a different log management/analysis tool. The next on the list that I wanted to try, without having to sell my kidney (Splunk) was Graylog. Therefore, in this simple Graylog installation tutorial – I will show how to install and configure Graylog to ingest Windows Event Logs…
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Dashboard on Kibana

The last part of this fragment series on how to use Kibana’s web interface – in this post we will cover how to create a dashboard on Kibana.

Visualization on Kibana

Following the previous blog on how to manage the Discover page on Kibana. This blog post takes an aim on trying to explain the so in-depth Visualization page on Kibana.

Discover on Kibana

Following my post on how to use Kibana, where I laid out the definitions on each section. This post  is focused on “How to use Discover on Kibana” and will show how to operate the section.

How to use Kibana

This fragmented blog post on “How to use Kibana” is a continuation of my previous blog post, I showed how I installed ELK and Beats on my Linux machine and my Windows machine.

Installing ELK and Beats on Linux and Windows

In this tutorial I aim to provide a clarification on how to install ELK on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) and its Beats on Windows. I will also be providing configuration for each of the installation we make.